Command-line options

You can overwrite the default PyWPS configuration by using command-line options. See the CliMAF WPS Demo help which options are available:

$ climafwps start --help
--hostname HOSTNAME        hostname in PyWPS configuration.
--port PORT                port in PyWPS configuration.

Start service with different hostname and port:

$ climafwps start --hostname localhost --port 5001

Use a custom configuration file

You can overwrite the default PyWPS configuration by providing your own PyWPS configuration file (just modifiy the options you want to change). Use one of the existing sample-*.cfg files as example and copy them to etc/custom.cfg.

For example change the hostname (localhost) and the path to the CMIP5 data archive:

$ cd climafwps
$ vim etc/custom.cfg
$ cat etc/custom.cfg
url = http://localhost:5000/wps
outputurl = http://localhost:5000/outputs

level = INFO

archive_root = /data/cmip5/data

Start the service with your custom configuration:

# start the service with this configuration
$ climafwps start -c etc/custom.cfg